Since it was set up in 1992, the National Association of Credit Union Workers (NACUW)) has been the only professional association for credit union workers throughout Britain (whether employees or volunteer staff of a credit union, or those who provide support, training or development advice). During that time its members have worked with the majority of credit unions in Britain. Most of its members being managers and staff actively working in credit unions across the country.

NACUW has had an important representational role as its members work in all types and sizes of credit unions. This has enabled it to offer a unique perspective to government and the regulatory authorities on improvements to policies, legislation and the regulation of the credit union sector. The British credit union movement is now well established and has seen many changes during this period. As a consequence of these many changes, some of the needs met by NACUW in the past have become less important.

Consulting the Movement ….

Despite being the only professional association for credit union workers throughout Britain, NACUW has seen a need to re-evaluate its roles. We believe the need for employees' representation to be stronger than ever. Therefore NACUW is currently undertaking a consulation with credit union employees and volunteers to determine what their current needs actually are and whether NACUW is still best able to meet those needs.

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