2014 Annual Conference

DWP Credit Union Expansion Project - a view from the inside
The Government's £38m flagship Credit Union Expansion Project (CUEP), which aims to modernise and grow the British credit union industry in order to help more people on low incomes, has now been operational for 18 months. If your credit union did not choose to join or was not selected to join CUEP it is likely that you will be unclear as to what the benefits and promised legacy of the project will be. North Wales Credit Union was one of the first wave of 31 credit unions to join up to CUEP. General Manager Barry Roberts will share his views on what CUEP has achieved to date.

Barry Roberts
General Manager
North Wales Credit Union

Payday lending through credit unions
Is payday lending through credit unions an effective way of diverting borrowers away from high cost lenders and can such an alternative ever be affordable and viable for the credit union movement? Hear the results from the evaluation of the London Mutuals Credit Union pilot scheme and find out if this could be a market that will help your credit union to grow and prosper.

Gareth Evans
Associate Research Manager
Financial Inclusion Centre

Dealing with the Regulators
A view from the fastest growing credit union in Wales and how success can bring greater regulatory interest.

Steve Mallinson
General Manager
Neath Port Talbot Credit Union

Working with the Duchess of Cornwall to promote UK credit unions
Can such a partnership really change the public's perception of the credit union movement?

Tracey Fletcher
Partners Credit Union

Complaints, Credit Unions and the Ombudsman
As a sector credit unions generate few complaints needing the ombudsman’s involvement to settle but they still need to know what is required of them around complaint handling and how the ombudsman deals with complaints that reach the service. This talk will provide an overview and point to other ways the ombudsman can help you deal with unhappy members.

Peter Bristow
Outreach Manager
Financial Ombudsman Service

Training Update
Brian Geary
Training & Consultancy Services

Workshop: Managing Credit Unions in Distress and Insolvency
During the last 18 months, around ten credit unions have been wound up. Until very recently, the only insolvency option available for credit unions (being industrial and provident societies) was a winding up by the court. However from April 2014, dealing with the insolvency of credit unions has become much more straightforward. When an insolvency practitioner is instructed to advise the board of directors of a credit union facing distress, it is essential that the board and IP work closely with the PRA, FCA and FSCS while the various options are explored. Attend this workshop to find out how to ensure that credit unions in distress can be supported to minimise the impact of closure.

Dina Devalia
Associate Partner
Cork Gully LLP

Workshop: Weighing up the Costs and Benefits of Credit Union Mergers
What Credit Unions need to know before a Transfer of Engagements is undertaken. In July 2013, the PRA wrote to all UK "Category 5" credit unions encouraging those in a strong financial position to consider how they can best support their peers - by sharing of knowledge and expertise or, ultimately, being open to the prospect of merging with a neighbouring credit union. Attend this workshop to find out what your credit union would need to know about its peers before any merger is undertaken.

Barry Roberts
General Manager
North Wales Credit Union

Workshop: Looking Ahead - Credit Union Dreams and Nightmares
John Chell
Credit Union Research
and Business Adviser