2010 Annual Conference

2010 Annual Conference

Thursday 21st October 2010

Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

"Financial Inclusion ... what next for Credit Unions?"

Mick McAteer, Director of The Financial Inclusion Centre

Alternative Solutions to meet core financial needs of consumers excluded from markets
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While we know that financial exclusion is a serious problem, there is a major gap in our understanding of the root causes of financial exclusion and under provision, and what interventions actually work to overcome the underlying causes. Moreover, there are major gaps in our understanding of how exclusion affects specific groups of consumers or regions in the UK. Mick McAteer will provide his thoughts on what is needed to make real progress in promoting financial inclusion and the potential role of the third sector.

Mick McAteer is most famous for his role as Which? Principal Policy Adviser, a position he quit in July 2006 after 13 years. He is also founder and director of The Financial Inclusion Centre, an independent, not-for-profit think-tank that aims to promote properly regulated financial markets.

Barbara Hann, Secretary, ACE Credit Union Services

Rising to the challenges of the Legislative Reform Order for Credit Unions
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ACE Credit Union Services is a national credit union support organisation which has been in operation for ten years. About 45 credit unions based in England, Scotland, Wales and Jersey are currently affiliated to ACE. Barbara Hann represents ACE on the National Credit Union Liaison Group and has been involved in rewriting model rules which will allow affiliated credit unions to take full advantage of the Credit Unions' LRO.

Jerry Burrows, Credit Union Consultant, Unity Trust Bank (see presentation slides)

Making sense of the Prepaid Card revolution

The new Unity Trust Bank prepaid card, ALTO, was launched earlier this year. UTB believes that the card could revolutionise the way credit unions conduct their business and interface with their members and have a massive impact on the lives of members, enabling them to overcome some of the toughest barriers to financial inclusion. We all know that there is a massive range of prepaid cards available to credit unions in the UK and that choosing one card from another can be a nightmare. As a specialist bank for social enterprises and credit unions, does the UTB prepaid card offer something different which could have a real impact on the lives of our financially excluded members and on the long term sustainability of our credit unions?

Workshop (a) The Role of Local Authorities in delivering Financial Inclusion
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Workshop (b) How to plan strategically to get maximum benefits from the Legislative Reform Order changes

Angela Clements, Chief Executive Officer, CitySave Credit Union

Angela Clements has a 15 year working history in business, commercial and corporate banking, focussed around business planning and business advice. Over the past 18 months she has been applying her skills as Chief Executive of CitySave Credit Union and over this period of time she has been working with her Board to develop a Strategic Plan that will ensure that the credit union is fully prepared to take advantage of the potential benefits that will exist once the new Legislative Reform Order for Credit Unions finally comes into force.

CitySave Credit Union provides savings, lending and insurance services to over 8,000 members living or working in Birmingham and now has an asset base of over £5m, the largest community based Credit Union operating in the Midlands area.

Find out how to get your credit union ready for the new legislative changes and ensure that you will be able to hit the ground running when the new opportunities arrive.

Workshop (c) Asset Based Welfare - What happens next?
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Rajiv Prabhakar, London School of Economics

Dr Rajiv Prabhakar is a lecturer in personal finance at The Open University (UK) and a research fellow at the London School of Economics. He is author of The Assets Agenda (2008); Rethinking Public Services (2006); and Stake holding and New Labour (2003).

In the light of the Coalition Government's decision to scrap Child Trust Fund accounts and abandon the Saving Gateway account before it could be launched, Rajiv will say why he thinks the decision to axe asset-based welfare was a mistake and looks forward to what measures the new government will propose to help those on low incomes to become savers and achieve the Government's commitment "to helping families to take greater responsibility for their finances and to cushion themselves from future shocks." (Mark Hoban MP, July 2010)

Workshop (d) Marketing: You can't afford to? You can't afford not to!
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Susan Dryburgh, Credit Union Development Officer, Fife Council

Susan Dryburgh is the Credit Union Development Officer with Fife Council and completed the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Diploma in Marketing.

Your credit union leaflet is only a tiny part of marketing. In light of the end of growth fund a more balanced membership will be required to sustain these loans without DWP revenue. Find out how to create a brand for your credit union. Ensure you are sending the right message to the right people through market segmentation and much more.

Working with RSLs to deliver real benefits to disadvantaged members

Angela Clements - CEO, CitySave Credit Union
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The Unique role of British credit unions in Challenging times

Sally Chicken - Director, Rainbow Savers Anglia Credit Union
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Innovative approaches to Credit Union sustainability -
Putting the Community at the Heart of your Credit Union.

Ciaran Mundy - Director, Bristol Pound Local Currency Scheme
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Update on the latest developments in the Credit Union Expansion Project

Paul Manning - DWP
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NACUW Training & Consultancy Services

Brian Geary - CESS

Why raising the credit union interest credit rate cap to 3% is a bad idea.

Dermot O’Neil - CEO, Scottish League of Credit Unions

[Unfortunately it was necessary to cancel the presentation A Movement Growing like Wildfire because the speaker David Dowey (Director, Ulster Federation of Credit Unions) was forced to miss his flight.]

Credit union approaches to Money Laundering – Are we taking it seriously enough?
Is your credit union compliant?
What every credit union activist needs to know about our Money Laundering regulations and the risks of getting it wrong.

Janice Parker - Chair, Jubilee Tower Credit Union
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Succession Planning - Preparing your credit union for likely or inevitable changes now
"If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail"
Having a succession process in place is vital to the success of your credit union because the individuals identified in the plan will eventually be responsible for ensuring the credit union is able to tackle future challenges.

John Chell - Business Support Adviser, The Social Investment Business

How Social Networking can bring Credit Unions into the 21st Century
Getting your message across – How to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

Dermot O’Neil - CEO
Scottish League of Credit Unions
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[The following workshop was cancelled at its facilitator's request to enable the planned consultation exercise to be conducted more widely on-line in much greater depth in due course:

Broad spectrum community banking services for a more resilient local economy: How would we buld a credit union now and what should we add around it? Given what we have learnt over the years, given what (prospective) members have grown to expect, and given the opportunities now available to us, how should we design a community banking service now? -- John Waters - Robert Owen Community Banking]