2011 Annual Conference

2011 Annual Conference

Thursday 20th October 2011

Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

The 2011 Conference focussed on what credit unions do best and what differentiates them from all other financial institutions. We invited a range of quality keynote speakers to open proceedings and some expert practitioners who led four interactive workshops, looking at some of the main opportunities and challenges for UK credit unions over the next year.

Conference Summary

Countdown to the long-awaited LRO: Essentials you need to know to benefit from the new regulatory changes.

Jonathan Ellis - FSA Governance, Mutuals & Small Firms

Presentation slides: PDF file (PowerPoint file)

Modernisation and Expansion Fund – Fact finding mission results - What happens next?.

Lindsay Watt - DWP Financial Inclusion Team

The Challenge of Radical Change: Results of research on London based credit unions.

Paul Jones - Senior Researcher, Liverpool John Moores University

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Collaboration in action - Mid Wales: the Robert Owen Community Banking Partnership.

Mick Brown (Robert Owen Community Banking Fund)

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Who really benefits from LP/LS insurance? Is there a business case for this service?.

Kenn Dunn, TransaveUK

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Giving members what they need – Secrets to successful growth

Ian Guest, CEO, South Yorkshire Credit Union

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Lending to corporate members: What’s the difference? How can we make business lending work?.

Eric Thompson

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Benefits of collaborative working - ICT and service extension.

John Waters - Robert Owen Community Banking Fund & MWCUCG

(Presentation not yet available)

Credit Union Development Fund.

Jerry Burrows - Unity Trust Bank

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