2012 Annual Conference

2012 Annual Conference

Thursday 18th October 2012

Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

Working with RSLs to deliver real benefits to disadvantaged members

Angela Clements - CEO, CitySave Credit Union
Presentation slides (PDF)

The Unique role of British credit unions in Challenging times

Sally Chicken - Director, Rainbow Savers Anglia Credit Union
Presentation slides (PDF)

Innovative approaches to Credit Union sustainability -
Putting the Community at the Heart of your Credit Union.

Ciaran Mundy - Director, Bristol Pound Local Currency Scheme
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Update on the latest developments in the Credit Union Expansion Project

Paul Manning - DWP
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NACUW Training & Consultancy Services

Brian Geary - CESS

Why raising the credit union interest credit rate cap to 3% is a bad idea.

Dermot O’Neil - CEO, Scottish League of Credit Unions

[Unfortunately it was necessary to cancel the presentation A Movement Growing like Wildfire because the speaker David Dowey (Director, Ulster Federation of Credit Unions) was forced to miss his flight.]

Credit union approaches to Money Laundering – Are we taking it seriously enough?
Is your credit union compliant?
What every credit union activist needs to know about our Money Laundering regulations and the risks of getting it wrong.

Janice Parker - Chair, Jubilee Tower Credit Union
Presentation slides (PDF)

Succession Planning - Preparing your credit union for likely or inevitable changes now
"If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail"
Having a succession process in place is vital to the success of your credit union because the individuals identified in the plan will eventually be responsible for ensuring the credit union is able to tackle future challenges.

John Chell - Business Support Adviser, The Social Investment Business

How Social Networking can bring Credit Unions into the 21st Century
Getting your message across – How to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

Dermot O’Neil - CEO
Scottish League of Credit Unions
Presentation slides (PDF)

[The following workshop was cancelled at its facilitator's request to enable the planned consultation exercise to be conducted more widely on-line in much greater depth in due course:

Broad spectrum community banking services for a more resilient local economy: How would we buld a credit union now and what should we add around it? Given what we have learnt over the years, given what (prospective) members have grown to expect, and given the opportunities now available to us, how should we design a community banking service now? -- John Waters - Robert Owen Community Banking]