2013 Annual Conference

2013 Annual Conference

Thursday 24th October 2013

Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

Gearing up the UK Credit Union movement
to meet the challenges of the 21st century

The 2013 Annual Conference was once again be held in Birmingham and focussed upon the central role credit union workers have to play in responding to the current opportunities and challenges faced by UK credit unions. We invited a range of quality keynote speakers to open proceedings and some expert practitioners who led interactive workshops looking at some of the main opportunities and challenges for UK credit unions over the next year.

Providing essential financial services to the community

How does one of the largest credit unions in Britain still provide services for the communities that it was originally set up to serve?

Marlene Shiels
Capital Credit Union

Reaching a wider membership - ICT developments

A virtual credit union that serves members through the Web and phones. What can we learn from how the bigger credit unions interact with their members?

June Walker
Glasgow Credit Union

Regulatory changes in Northern Ireland

Credit Unions in Northern Ireland are now regulated in the same way as the British credit union movement – How has a country which has 34% of its adult population already signed up as credit union members taken to the new regulatory regime?

David Dowey
Ulster Federation of Credit Unions

The expansion of credit union financial services for low-income households

Findings from a study of credit unions in Northern Ireland: The challenge of meeting the needs of people not served by credit unions. How can we address the key tension that exists between tackling financial exclusion and the challenge of assisting the sector to achieve financial self-sustainability?

Paul Jones
Liverpool John Moores University

Workshop: Working with the new Regulator

Has the new "Twin Peaks" approach to the regulation of credit unions been a step forwards or is it taking the credit union movement down a road that it would have preferred not to follow?

Helen Mason
Director & Principle Consultant
City Sense

Workshop: Attracting Tier 1 and Tier 2 – myth or reality?

How does the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent announcement that he wants to "compete" Wonga out of business through supporting credit unions sit with the aim to target higher income earners?

Brian Geary

Workshop: Developing a high performance team

How to unleash the true potential of your credit union to make good management decisions. If you are striving to build an exceptional Board and management team with shared purpose and the ability to deliver, then this session is for you.

Ian Rees
The Social Investment Business

Workshop: Managing Risk Effectively

Risk management is a central part of a credit union's strategic management. It is the process whereby you should carefully assess the risks attached to all your credit union activities with the aim of reducing the risks as much as possible. What are the real risks faced by credit unions today?

John Chell
Business Support Adviser
The Social Investment Business