What is NACUW?

NACUW is the professional association for credit union workers throughout Britain (whether employees or volunteer staff of a credit union, or those who provide support, training or development advice).

NACUW was set up in 1992 and since then its members have worked with credit unions throughout Britain. Today most of its members are managers and staff actively working in credit unions across the country.

What Does NACUW do for its Members?

National Representation

NACUW has an important representational role to play for its members. A NACUW representative meets with relevant Trade Associations regularly to discuss improvements to policies, legislation and the regulation of the credit union sector.

NACUW is formally recognised by the PRA and FCA which value our expertise and commitment to the development of UK credit unions.

This enables NACUW to offer a unique credit union workers perspective to government and to the regulatory authorities in all matters relating to credit union development in the UK.


NACUW believes that all UK credit unions should be aim to be ‘fit and proper’ financial service providers and have appropriately trained and skilled staff and volunteers.

NACUW offers training in credit union practice that is specifically aimed at directors, volunteers and staff. NACUW believes that a key to a successful business is inhaving well trained staff and volunteers.

Exchange of Information, ideas and good practice

NACUW offers its members a forum for the exchange of information, fresh ideas and the development of good practice in employment and access to advice and resources. This has involved exchanging information with members on issues relating to credit union regulation.

NACUW is a self-help association dedicated to improving credit union knowledge and expertise.

NACUW maintains a database of credit union workers and organisations, and runs regular seminars, training events and an annual conference.

What NACUW is not

NACUW is not a credit union Trade Association. UK credit unions are supported by one of a number of trade associations established to support credit unions and achieve the specific goals and objectives that the credit unions themselves determine.

NACUW is not a Trade Union. There are numerous trade unions throughout the country that are well equipped to support credit union workers in the workplace, negotiating with employers to improve pay, terms and conditions and to ensure fair and equal treatment. NACUW believes that all credit union workers should have the right to be be trade union members.