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Community Banking Partnership: The joined-up solution for financial inclusion and community economic development

Since 2004 a Community Banking Partnership (CBP) approach has been co-developed by some of Britain’s most innovative players in community finance. Robustly designed Community Banking Partnerships are creating financial inclusion, alleviating debt problems, preventing a recurrence of debt, and showing that there can be a net gain to the partners from investing in the process. The success of this financial inclusion model is leading to a growing interest in CBP from all regions of England and from many areas of Wales and Scotland as well.

Community Banking Partnership prospectus

A mutual for the self-employed – underpinning local economies across Britain. Our latest report launched by the Welsh Assembly Minister this summer shows the importance of credit unions supporting the self-employed sector of our market.

Micro-businesses and the self-employed form a large and crucial part of the UK economy. They make a major contribution to the vitality of local economies and to their communities and to culture. Very often, they define the character of a place. They provide the small shops, services, crafts that are the economic life blood of local communities across the UK. Their dealings with each other give life to an urban neighbourhood or a rural village. Community life is unthinkable without their contribution. They are also a crucial sector of our credit union membership.

Our research shows this sector needs better support and access to financial services. It proposes a mutual model to provide this, and sees credit unions having a beneficial role to play in this valuable market.

Conaty and Brown, nef publications.

Self-Employed Mutual report

How partnership approaches with Money Advice and other local services can improve financial inclusion and credit union business growth.

Community Banking Partnership

How to set up working contracts with other partners in tackling financial exclusion. Looking at community development credit unions in the USA and what the British credit union movement can learn from these.

The National Federation of CDCUs with the British CBP Team.

CBP Legal Structures That Work
  • Life Saving – Community Development Credit Unions (2003)

New ideas for credit unions on how to grow to a sustainable position.

Mick Brown (NACUW), Pat Conaty (New Economics Foundation) and Ed Mayo (National Consumer Council).

Life Saving